About Karen Joy Ripplinger Wylie

Karen is a Holistic Energy Practitioner, Teacher, and Orgone energy jewelry designer who works within the body’s electromagnetic energy field to help restore balance and health to all levels of the human being: "One of the things that makes her service unique is the blend of energy healing modalities that she incorporates, combined with her own innate intuition and love of sharing with others. This dynamic combination can bring to the client a very high level of healing and peace." Karen Joy is a Reiki -Master-Teacher ,Sphe-re® Sacred Peace Healing Energy Teacher and a Certified  Practitioner of both of these and of IET® and Theta Healing®. She is forever continuing her spiritual search and development. Karen has been rewarded with so many successes through this calling that she has made it a  full time career. She practices and teaches Sacred Peace Healing Energy Sphe-re and Energy Protection and Clearing workshops (Energy Harmony and Hygiene) on the West Island of Montreal Québec. She also offers monthly free energy practice shares, seminars, and special events throughout the year. Karen uses her creativity and design background to create unique gemstone and orgone energy devices and jewelery using various  techniques with semi-precious gemstones. Each piece is infused with intentions of peace, joy, universal healing energy. Therapeutic pieces and custom orders are available.  (by Heather F.)

I have been using crystals in my treatments for the last several years and started to make energy  jewelry and orgone devices so that people can continue to feel the effects of the healing by wearing the stones. I also make  orgone devices  like charging plates, pyramids, and for the cell phones to help to counter the effects of EMF's. I try to make the jewelry pieces incognito so that the jewelry looks more like beautiful crystal jewelry than an orgone device. I also sell these pieces on my online ETSY shop https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/KiCrystalCreations.  I have had a lot of feedback as to how these pieces have helped the wearers.

How did I get started as an Energy Practitioner?

After my mother passed away in 1991 I started my spiritual search. I needed to know that there really is life after death, that our soul continues on, and that our energy is always connected and alive. Meanwhile I had been an Interior Designer with Karma Designs for 18 years providing full turn-key services up until the last several years. Over time as a designer I began to notice the different energies in the homes of my clients. This lead me to study Feng Shui and to become certified as a Feng Shui Consultant with the Feng Shui Association of Canada in 2002. As time went on my intuition developed and lead me to read every energy related book that I could get my hands on and to study Reiki in 2003. I realized how much I needed to heal myself before working on others and will always continue on my self-healing and development process. I completed all levels of Reiki training as well as Reiki Master-Teacher Certification from my dear friend and Reiki Master Joni. My love of teaching in the design field helped to prepare me to teach Reiki and Energy related Workshops. One of my most treasured gifts has been to teach these workshops and being a channel to help others to raise their vibrations. I am since a Sphe-re Teacher/Practitioner, an Integrated Energy Therapy Practitioner, Theta Healing Practitioner, and incorporate Emotional Freedom Technique and Quantum Touch in my practice. Over the years I have attended numerous workshops, seminars, and retreats on my quest to raise my vibration and connection with the Divine Source.  I will always continue to search,  explore, and study energy healing to better myself and in turn serve my family, friends, and clients. I volunteer at the West Island Cancer Wellness center where cancer patients and their caregivers can receive free energy sessions and much more. My mission is to guide and empower others in their self-healing process. It is in service to others that I have found my real joy. It is in seeing the light in others that we see the light in ourselves.

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