Energy Hygiene

Energy Harmony

Energy Harmony

Energy Harmony Workshops are Energy Clearing and Protection classes offered several times a year on the West Island of Montreal Quebec.

Due to popular demand I will also be offering private sessions tailored to the individual needs of the client/practitioner.

Maintaining good Energy Hygiene is important because it helps us to keep a healthy boundary between ourselves and others, allowing for a clearer mind  and sense of balance. More and more people are becoming sensitive to and affected by subtle energies around them and this workshop is an excellent way to better understand and manipulate them for our higher good.

Our energy body extends far beyond the physical allowing for the transmission of energy in the form of thoughts, feelings, and intentions for one another that can attach to us. This can cause imbalances in our energy fields that can adversely affect our body. mind, emotions, and soul. By keeping our energy body strong and pure, we can maintain a clear channel of the highest vibration thus attracting and transmitting like energies. There are exercises designed to help people to make healthy separations form others whether they are alive or passed on and for energy workers to make healthy separations from their clients. You will also learn ways to keep your vibration high and your surroundings clear. Workshops will cover interactive exercises including Grounding, Centering, Shielding, Cord Cutting, Breathing and Meditation and more.

The CD called "Kearing with Karen" is now available for the price of $15.00. This CD has meditations to help you to ground, connect to Source, cut non-serving attachments and much more.This will help you to practice the exercises that you learned in class.

Energy Harmony 101 Workshop "Energy Clearing and Protection"

Energy Harmony workshops are designed to assist people who have become sensitive to energies around them and would like to learn how not to take on others energy. Through interactive exercises you will learn how to connect to the Source of love and peace to help keep your energy body clear and centered. The basics of chakras and the energy field will be introduced.You will also learn how to cut non-serving attachments to others and how to avoid attracting or holding onto unhealthy energy from others or your surroundings. By keeping the energy field clear, balanced, and of the highest vibration we are more able to tune into the innate ability of the body to calm and heal itself and keep us clear, centered and grounded. This is Level 1 of "Energy Protection and Clearing" You will be provided with a manual and certificate upon completion of this workshop.(Private Lessons are available on request)

Energy Hygiene 201 Workshop "Energy Clearing and Protection"

Energy Hygiene workshops are designed to assist Intuitives and Energy Workers to help to keep a clear channel when interacting with others. This workshop is for more advanced intuitives, energy workers, or for those who have completed Energy Harmony 101. We will learn how to make healthy separations from our clients or others by not attracting or holding onto non- serving energy from them or their surroundings. These workshops help us to maintain our energy field and surroundings of the highest vibration. We will learn more advanced interactive exercises such as how to better ground, center, cut attachments, clear and strengthen our energy body, and to keep our vibration high. We will also learn how to do a complete energetic space clearing with the use of meditation, smudging, and crystals. This is Level 2 of "Energy Clearing and Protection" You will be provided with a manual and certificate upon completion of this workshop. For those of you who have not completed Level 1 but are ready for Level 2, the first manuals can be purchased for $5.00. 

( Private lessons and home consultations are available on request.)

Please check the front page and calendar for upcoming workshops or e mail me to be placed on my mailing list.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.