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Energy Healing services in Hudson, Quebec

Zen Pause & Zen Pawz - Energy Healing for People and Pets

Sun&Moon Yoga is situated in Dorval Village and offers classes in a cozy studio with great atmosphere.
We serve our clients from this simple concept:
~ Happy Healthy Hatha Yoga ~
From this viewpoint, we set out on a journey towards discovering how yoga can benefit your life and create a sense of fullness and fitness, happiness and health.
Sun&Moon Yoga is the space where postures flow gracefully around a core of stillness and we find beauty in staying positively present.
Join our joyful practice for a happier, healthier living!

West Island Cancer Wellness Center  ( I volunteer there on Tuesday mornings)

Nathalie Frechette. Amazing energy practitioner  and hypnotherapist in Gatineau Quebec

International Center for Reiki Training

Canadian Reiki Association

Kelly Woo - Web & Graphic Design

Kelly is an amazing web designer and support. She is extremely talented and dependable.

Paul Selig- "I am the Word" I host a study group to study Paul's books once a month.

This book is about the frequency of the Word, which Paul's guides describe as "God in Action." This is the elevated Christed energies now coming to the Earth, that have not been available to us before.The purpose is to develop and sustain higher levels of consciousness to move through the emotional and physical blocks that may be keeping you from manifesting your own divine nature. Paul's work is deeply transformative, the energy he works with is extremely palpable.
Humanity has lost itself. Both as individuals and as a world culture, we have forgotten our true nature. In I Am the Word, medium Paul Selig has recorded an extraordinary program for self- realization, as dispensed through beings of higher intelligence.The Guides say: “You are the first in a generation of conscious beings coming into form and you will make it possible for those that follow to exist more easily in the higher frequencies that are now available. This is a gift, but this is a massive change. It’s a tidal wave of light ascending into you as you ascend into it.”


Julia Di Nardo

Julia Di Nardo, M.A., is a psychotherapist specializing in helping adults who are struggling with emotional eating and weight management.  By getting to the root of the problem, she can help you stop sabotaging your weight-loss efforts and resolve the issues that are holding you back from being happier and healthier.  Be sure sign up for a free copy of "The 5 Steps to Getting Control of Emotional Eating." and to learn more please go to her website at


Joyce Shanks

Pauline Edward
Pauline Edward (Quebec, Canada) is an astrologer-numerologist, speaker and author of The Power of Time: Understanding the Cycles of your Life’s Path. She offers counseling, coaching and workshops for individuals and businesses worldwide. Visit her websites and blogs for articles, information and cool downloadable freebies.

Tracey MacKenzie
Feng Shui Consultant

Body Mind Spirit Directory


Andre Vincelli
Composed the music for this website.

Self Growth

Munay-Ki Shamanic Rites