Space Clearing

Space Clearing

Space Clearing in Your Home

From time to time we may feel uneasy in a new location or even start to feel uncomfortable in our present surroundings. Or we may want to clear our space from a recent separation. Dwellings and objects can hold energies of emotions and intentions set by those who frequent the spaces.Those of us who are more sensitive may pick up and carry energies that are not always necessarily for our highest good. If this sensation tends to linger or worsen it may be advisable to have your space cleared and your chakras cleared and balanced. The procedure includes a space clearing using energetic symbols as well as burning sacred herbs. You may be asked to clear out any personal items or clothing from a person who you want to separate from.The session is concluded with a personal chakra cleansing, balancing and grounding and cutting. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to book an appointment on the west island of Montrea . Cost is now $50.00 per hour.

SPACE CLEARING KITS ARE NOW AVAILABLE FOR $10.00 PLUS SHIPPING. (Includes sweetgrass, sage, and cedar) link:to cost page and home page


Energy Clearing CD

In order to maintain a healthy energy body it is essential to keep our energy at a high vibration. Some of the ways to do this are by grounding, maintaining our connection to Source, keeping our thoughts, emotions and actions positive, cutting negative attachments and by connecting to others with unconditional love. The Cd "Klearing with Karen" gently guides you through these processes.

CD "KLEARING WITH KAREN" IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR $15.00 PLUS SHIPPING. link: to cd cover PDF, home page  and cost page

FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD " GROUNDING" Link:to Resources and home page