Karen has been a tremendously positive influence in my life.   Through her innate gifts, wisdom and compassion;  her practice, teachings, workshops, volunteer work and other activities, she has helped many people in many ways.   All the classes and sessions I have taken with Karen have been fun, fascinating, nurturing and powerful.    These have also served as an introduction to many interesting and “like-minded” people.  I would most definitely recommend Karen Ripplinger Wylie as a practitioner, as a teacher and as a mentor for those on a spiritual path.   Hilary Dempsey

Karen is caring, honest, effective and very powerfully talented. She demonstrated an accurate ability to analyse and successfully treat physical and emotional problems I had. Using Reiki she eliminated persistant back and leg pain I had which years of chiropactors and physical therapies could not fix. Eight months after a few sessions with Karen I’m still happily enjoying hockey and life again
On the emotional side , Karen enabled me to be more content, calm, release attachments and forgive myself and others. What a sensational difference that has made! Every session with Karen I not only got healing but also a number of practical things I could do at home to make my life and relationships better. I highly recommend her. Art Allard. Dorval, Qc

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Testimonials from Clients

I have seen Karen for reiki sessions on several occasions, before my last session, Karen asked me if there was anything that I wanted to focus the session on.I am a type one diabetic for over 24 years, and was recently beginning to suffer from neuropathy pain in my feet and left hand. The pain was quite intense when it would appear, although it would only last for a few seconds at a time, it was increasing in frequency and intensity.Karen did some focused reiki on those areas of my body and I immediately felt as though the pain was leaving me. After the session, Karen explained to me that there are magnets and other stones that can help manage this pain. I was eager to try anything non-medical to  control the pain, so I asked Karen to make me a bracelet to see if it would help with the neuropathy pain.Within a couple of days my bracelet was ready and I picked it up from Karen, and put it on my left wrist, since it was my left hand that was suffering from the pain along with both my feet. Over the next few days I noticed that the pain was almost gone, and when it did come the pain was much less intense. It has now been more than two months, and I continue to wear the bracelet and have noticed that the pain is considerably less frequent and less intense than when I was not wearing it. I have been able to stay off medication to control the pain by using this wonderful bracelet. J.B.

"I don't know how Theta Healing works, but it does. At least it did when Karen led me through discoveries about my past, allowing me to let go of deeply held beliefs that separated me from personal progress and a sense of self esteem. I came out of the one session feeling peaceful and worthy. As time passed and everyday stresses confronted me, I stood with God and in God. I now feel I belong. I do believe that Karen's gentle acceptance of her clients sets the atmosphere for examining intimate details of their lives and she seems to act as a conduit between the client and the Universal Source of Love. "I think Karen has a gift and uses it to serve people but I also believe that Karen IS a gift to all who come to know her." Martha

Karen offered me an experience I could not have imagined.  Holding my hands and gently leading me with words, she took me back in time to a promise made long ago.  With her words she guided me to a place of understanding, love and release.  The issue I had been trying to resolve with the help of other modalities is now safely taken care of thanks to Karen and her use of Theta Healing techniques.  I am forever grateful. Thanks for everything.


Karen,  I am writing a few words, just to tell you , how happy I am that you came into my life.You are a great master.  And your "Klearing with Karen"cd is great,  I am a                  person that has a bit of trouble to concentrate, but with your cd,  your voice is so relaxing , when I meditate after a day of work, my head just wanders everywhere,With               your cd, I don t have that problem anymore, when I put on my cd I just relax and forget all the rest. Just want to let you know, I really appreciate you.                                Thanks for everything.Love xxx Janet Smith


"I suffer from Fibromyalgia. Through the years I have tried many types of support to help me maintain my quality of life. Reiki has given me a wonderful sense of relaxation and nothing else has been as effective. After several Reiki sessions, I am now able to live with the pain, nausea, and light sensitivity under control. Reiki works for me". - Angie E.

"I suffer from migraines and after only a short one half hour Session, to my amazement and relief, my migraine was gone. I am truly grateful for Karen's treatments." - Amanda L.
"When I have severe colds and fevers I get a Reiki treatment from Karen. My forehead and crown gets hot and I can feel my body releasing the fever. After the session, there's a feeling of complete relaxation and the fever is gone. " - Sarah W.
"I have had eczema for over 60 years. Sometimes the itch is so insatiable that I cannot sleep, leading to fatigue and depression. Sessions with Karen have alleviated the itch and left me with calmness, stillness and peace. Now I am able to recreate this feeling when the itch starts." - Carol Forrest

"I am fighting Cancer. I was able to have Ki sessions with Karen for 7 consecutive days. During this time, I experienced major help with my severe nausea. I was in great pain from vomiting and this pain was reduced during and after treatments. In addition, I was experiencing Sciatica pain and it quickly stopped when Karen focused on that area. I was also helped emotionally." - Carol R.

Many thanks to you, Karen for the healing you did on my sciatic nerve I have never had this much relief in so long.  It helps being pain free. B.H.
"I have finally found a way to de-stress and go into a deep relaxation." - Cheryl L


Testimonials from Students



“I have taken several Reiki and energy courses from Karen Wylie. 

She is a wonderful, extremely generous teacher and experienced, caring, intuitive healer.

 She is passionate about Reiki and energy healing, very knowledgeable, communicates clearly and is very organized.

During a Reiki attunement in one of her courses I received a strong emotional release and energy clearing.Through her wise instructions I have learned how to work with Reiki energy and my intuitions have greatly increased.She is an inspiration and a treasure!” Karin.

"I received my Reiki III attunement from Karen this past January.  It was an amazing experience from the beginning to the end. There was great energy with her and throughout the course.  She taught on all aspects that's important in Reiki, touching on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual arenas. She is very thorough, patient and compassionate.  You can tell Karen loves what she does. And she is always there for guidance and followup questions.  Thank you Karen! Elizabeth "


" I enjoyed taking the Reiki 3 course. You covered many topics with clarity and knowledge. I found it very easy to follow,    and I had mastered most of the material before the end of the class. I look forward to taking other classes with you."  Blessings & Light, Sandra Wilson.

"I found that taking the Reiki Level 1 course with Karen and practicing Reiki on a regular basis has had a profound impact on me. I feel much calmer in my day-today life and better able to handle stresses when they arrive. Karen is a compassionate and patient teacher with an engaging sense of humor. She made the learning process very enjoyable and I would recommend Karen's course to anyone interested in Reiki." - Heather F

"I took my Level 1 Reiki course from Karen in December of 2007 and it has opened up a whole new world for me. Karen taught me so much about healing and energy and was always there for me to answer my many questions. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to explore such an amazing new way of life." - Cathy White

"After taking the Reiki Level 1 Course with Karen, I immediately became aware of a warm and loving peacefulness. Having learned Reiki helped change my life by giving me the tools to deal with all kinds of stress. When practicing Reiki, it always provides me with a deep sense of relaxation. Karen is a compassionate teacher with a humorous flair and I highly recommend anyone to take her course." Carole L

Testimonials for Energy Hygiene-Harmony

"Karen is a wonderful teacher. She is so very knowledgeable  and extremely sensitive and kind. I find working with Karen is delightful. I also attended her Quantum Touch workshop. Both events were well run, interesting and fun to take part in. In both cases I felt enriched and very relaxed. I highly recommend Karen as a teacher and as a practitioner." Alison Carol Blackburn- Angel Intuitive

Thank you so much for the information. It seems I'm getting a little better in keeping my energy field more balanced and clean when giving treatments to others, thanks to all advices and techniques I try to follow. Your "Energy hygiene" workshop was tremendously helpful and provided lots of practical information. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. "Alexandra Gerassimenko"

"All exercises are useful to me especially the grounding exercises, energizing and shielding myself, and exercises to increase life force energy.I think you are doing a great job with the workshop as well as other courses you are giving. I really enjoy taking your workshops and look forward to taking more with you in the future." Nancy D.

" I would recommend this workshop to anyone who needs to detach themselves from negative energy they may have acquired and are unable to detach from. I found the exercise to visualize and then to rid yourself of negative energy and attachments to be extremely helpful." Beryl B.

Karen was great. We learned some simple exercises that we can apply in our daily lives. I recommend this workshop to anyone who is interested in energy! ” Rosi

Testimonials for Space Clearing

Actually Karen, I feel so at peace at home since you did the space clearing, and have finally took out fabric that I’ve been meaning to make curtains with for over two years. I feel more positive. Can’t thank you enough.  Deb Dunn

I recently used Karen's Space Clearing service for my home and I must tell you that both me and my house are much happier now! Before Karen came over the house seemed heavy - the last few years have been action packed - and I actually felt like my house was fed up of all of our renovating. Karen came in and cleared the energy and now my house feels lighter and happier! Thank you Karen!
Sincerely, Anna

Hi Karen, I have been sleeping better since Saturday. My space doesn't feel as heavy. It's been a while since I felt safe.Thank you again for everything.MJ